1. Shoreditch Grind
    Sweet potato salad, surprisingly good for a random coffeeshop perched on Silicon Roundabout
  2. Blandford Comptoir
    Hake, zucchini salad, polenta; reasonably priced, all things considered, for a place right off the Marylebone high street
  3. Fish!
    Fish and chips and mushy peas; good but a bit pricey
  4. ATW Food
    Taiwanese bao yesss both the pork belly and tofu were delicious
  5. Montparnasse Cafe
    Croissant and chai; perfect croissant, okay chai
  6. Arepas & Co
    Tasty and cheap arepas
  7. Bosphorus Kebab
    Hole-in-the-wall kebab shop, quite good
  8. Bulldog Coffee at the Ace Hotel
    Boxed artichoke farro and pea and bean salad, almond milk latte, my price of admission for camping out and working in the Ace lobby
  9. Dishoom
    Curry, biryani, etc., everything here is the best, seriously
  10. Chinatown Bakery
    Pineapple bun and red bean bun 😍
  11. Barge House
    I had an excellent post-run iced almond milk latte at this cafe along the canal
  12. Tate Modern
    Flat white and yogurt with berry compote
  13. Dishoom
    This time for breakfast! I got the egg naan roll and bottomless almond milk chai and it was delicious
  14. The Albion
    I only got an americano here but the breakfast spread looked good
  15. Ozone Coffee
    Cool ambiance but the coffee was overrated and apparently people's laptops get stolen
  16. Rabot 1745
    Everything on the menu at this restaurant has cacao in it!
  17. Monocle
    Cute shop, mediocre cinnamon bun
  18. Pitch
    Turmeric latte with hazelnut milk: favorite drink of my time in London so far
  19. Queenswood
    Malaysian fish, mediocre, tasted very much like a white person trying to make Asian food
  20. Borough Market
    So many food stalls that all looked amazing but I had no cash so no food for me :(
  21. Itsu
    Salmon and vegetables and rice pre-pack, pretty good deal
  22. The Gentlemen Baristas
    Hipster to the max, lots of space to hang out and enjoy
  23. The Koppel Project
    Berry bun and soy latte in a coffeeshop art gallery bookstore coworking space mashup
  24. Fabrique
    Swedish cinnamon bun
  25. Goode & Wright
    Seasonal veggies and poached egg on toast
  26. Cafe TPT
    Pork potstickers!! Good, but more expensive than I expected for Chinese food at a hole-in-the-wall in Chinatown
  27. 106 Baker St.
    Looks cute for breakfast, but my almond milk latte was pretty terrible
  28. The Wolseley
    Afternoon tea
  29. The Vaults & Garden Cafe (Oxford)
    Food okay, ambiance stellar
  30. Society Cafe (Oxford)
    Delightfully hipster
  31. Regent's Park Bar & Kitchen
    Lovely spot in the heart of Regent's Park, with very acceptable food and drink options
  32. Chiltern Firehouse
    ££££ so maybe just go for a drink if you're on a budget... and linger and people watch and enjoy the ambiance
  33. Mildred's
    Delicious vegetarian food!! Loved the curry
  34. Cafe TPT
    I went back for more! This time to supply a dinner party
  35. Natural Kitchen
    Healthy and reasonably priced
  36. Fitzbillies (Cambridge)
    THE place to get Chelsea buns
  37. Manor House (Moreton-in-Marsh, the Cotswolds)
    Delightful afternoon tea
  38. Chinatown Bakery
    Just give us the whole bakery already
  39. Baozi Inn
    Good baozi, to be consumed under Mao's watchful eye
  40. The Hive of Vyner Street
    Had me some coffee and raw vegan snacks
  41. Pergola on the Roof
    Posh food stalls on top of the BBC building
  42. Department of Coffee and Social Affairs
    Oat milk latte and workspace
  43. Alchemy
    Drip coffee served in a flask
  44. Abeno Too
    Amazing okonomiyaki prepared on a grill in front of you
  45. Royal China Cafe
    I got the pork buns and shrimp and chive dumplings for takeaway; very good, very overpriced; seems to be related to the very popular Royal China just down the street, but shorter lines