1. There is quite a lot of Gothic architecture and it was especially gloomy and foreboding in the rainy weather today
  2. We unexpectedly came across an Ai Weiwei exhibit: Cubes and Trees
    One of the cubes is made of tea!! The one behind this one
  3. And here are the trees
  4. Part of the exhibit was this wallpaper...
    I don't totally get it, but that's art
  5. Street scenes
  6. Dumpling stand at Cambridge Market in front of St. Mary's Church, which dates back to at least 1205!!
  7. This is King's College Chapel
    Alums of King's College include: John Keynes, Alan Turing, Salman Rushdie, Zadie Smith
  8. This is Pembroke College, one of 31 colleges at the University of Cambridge
    I am partial to it because Pembroke is also a breed of corgi
  9. Can you imagine studying in this building every day?
  10. And having this as your backyard
  11. We passed by the Corpus Clock by chance
    Five years and £1m to make this!
  12. We passed by Fitzwilliam Museum by chance as well
    Silver denarius from the Roman Empire :o
  13. It has an amazing collection! We only dipped in and saw parts of the Roman, Greek, and Egyptian exhibits
    The faces on these mummies felt so incongruous (but only because I am not well versed in history and anthropology)
  14. Afternoon snack: Chelsea bun from Fitzbillies
  15. 🤔
  16. Farewell Cambridge!
    Beautiful dusk sky