Cue Taylor Swift: Welcome to New York
  1. My plane touched down at midnight at LGA
    I was the first one off the plane!
  2. LGA was one hot mess but I and my backpack and two suitcases and Longchamp handbag eventually made our way onto a Lyft Line to my aunt's place in Astoria
  3. I passed out and slept a good 8+ hours
    Amazing in its own right but even more so because the place doesn't have A/C and it was 85F and humid
  4. My aunt and I went for a brunch of coffee and sushi on 30th in Astoria
    She's befriended quite a few of the local shopowners so it was fun to see them welcome her in
  5. I then made my way downtown
  6. My friend suggested Dominique Ansel pastries but I made him come to a gym with me instead
  7. I'm in week 1 of marathon training 🏃🏃 for the NYC Marathon
    Too early to fall off the bandwagon! Also, already regretting my decision to sign up for this race, I am definitively not a runner... On the bright side, I got to watch the Olympics women's diving semifinals and be inspired by their hard work and athleticism as I sweated my way through my slow treadmill run
  8. Then pastries near Union Square :)
    To undo the workout, basically
  9. Eventually we made our way down to Bed-Stuy
  10. For dinner, drinks, and dancing
    If this were SF that would have filled my going out quota for a week, maybe two
  11. And friends from a very eclectic range of friendship origins!
    Including a long-ago experimentation with dating apps, co-mentorship of a CODE2040 Fellow, my Israel trip with REALITY / Forbes, and of course college
  12. Subway'ed back to a friend's place in SoHo (one with A/C ;)) to crash
    Parenthetical 1: Functional public transit is the best. Parenthetical 2: Lower Manhattan is so the way to go, if only I can find affordable housing down here... Anyone on list have leads for me??
  13. Fin