Because I just discovered my good friend WHO IS TAIWANESE(ish) doesn't know who Jay is. Unacceptable!
  1. 簡單愛 Simple Love The girl looks like she's 12. But the song is super romantic-cute.
  2. 開不了口 Can't Express Myself I was so terribly excited that they played this song at Screw Your Sib freshman year. Also, there's a white chick in the music video.
  3. 安靜 Silence Best lyric: 我會學著放棄你 是因為我太愛你。
  4. 暗號 Secret Signal
  5. 晴天 Clear Day
  6. 七里香 Common Orange Jasmine
  7. 園遊會 Carnival I don't think anybody else likes this song but it's so happy I love it.
  8. 夜曲 Nocturne I might still be able to rap this one, I've listened to it so many times.
  9. 髮如雪 Hair Like Snow I still don't understand any of the lyrics to this song but it sounds very Tang Dynasty poetic.
  10. 楓 Maple So good for karaoke 🎤
  11. 珊瑚海 Coral Sea Beautiful duet with Lara.
  12. 聽媽媽的話 Listen to Mother's Words Best song ever for Mother's Day, except for the fact that you can't understand any of the lyrics because of his unintelligible mumbling.
  13. 千里之外 Faraway 費玉清 has such a great oldies voice.
  14. 退後 Retreat Hebe is cute in this MV. But it's also very sad. Stay away from gambling and gangsters, kids.
  15. 我不配 I'm Not Worthy Ugh. This song reminds me of too many of my relationships.