1. Found an excuse to get out to Notting Hill in brunch today with a colleague from my Google internship days
    Check that gorgeous toast from Goode & Wright
  2. The Portobello Road Market is mostly tchotchkes but still cute to explore
    This was in an antiques shop
  3. Funky rain boots?
    Might be useful for when I get caught in that London rain again...
  4. The graffiti exhorted me to CODE!!
  5. So I wound up in a Swedish bakery cafe coding
    Nothing glam, just setting up a backend for the tiny web app I am building to learn React, but still satisfying
  6. Also, perhaps, eating a Swedish cinnamon bun
  7. Of course I couldn't visit Notting Hill without locating some of the sets from the movie
    This was the bookstore
  8. Then it was time to wander back
  9. Cool architecture! Iconic