1. Bodleian Library
  2. Radcliffe Camera
  3. Trinity College
    My friend's college!
  4. Trinity College, closeup
  5. Trinity College dining hall
    Where students must wear robes to dine, all dinners are three courses except Fridays when they are four, and it's frowned upon to discuss the portraits on the walls
  6. Another college with a perfectly groomed lawn
  7. Christ Church Meadow, part of Christ Church College
  8. The campus grounds are so pretty!
  9. We lunched at the Vaults & Garden Café
  10. The Thames
  11. The Covered Market
  12. Next thing to check off my list of British Things to Try: Meat pies
  13. Another great thing about universities is all their bookstores
    I get so anxiously excited about how many great books in the world there are to read
  14. I love bookstores so much and especially ones with lovely reading spots
  15. Oxford has very cool museums
    All free, high quality, a good variety, and not too large and laborious to explore
  16. The Natural History Museum
  17. Also in the NHM
    Glowing rocks
  18. The Pitt Rivers Museum
  19. The Museum of the History of Science
    One of the blackboards Einstein used on a visit in 1931
  20. I always require a coffeeshop stop
    This is Society Cafe