"The main risk for today is falling off a cliff"
  1. This is the headline shot
    It's first so social sharing picks up the right preview image :)
  2. We took the train from London to the small seaside town of Seaford on the southern coast of England
    Only an hour and a half!
  3. Seaford is adorable
  4. Look at these little huts (storage lockers?) along the beach!!
  5. This is the start of the hike to the Seven Sisters
  6. A little bit closer...
  7. A pastoral interlude along a canal
  8. Can't go anywhere in England without encountering the Queen's swans, it seems
  9. Cows!!
  10. Lunch break on the first of the Seven Sisters, with views back over Seaford
  11. I took a little nap on the grass :)
    Carefully avoiding the rabbit pellets and cow piles...
  12. Those chalk cliffs!!
    Apparently they are sometimes used in film / TV production to stand in for the White Cliffs of Dover because they are actually whiter from natural erosion
  13. Some of those uphill climbs were pretty serious business
    Although the hike overall was quite easy, if a bit long at 13 miles
  14. Another view of the cliffs :)
  15. There are guest houses at Birling Gap, a cafe, and a small protected beach
    But the cliffs are receding at 40cm a year and the houses aren't important enough for the government to build a sea wall so their longevity is questionable
  16. Further along there is a lighthouse at Beachy Head
  17. Sadly there are a lot of suicides at Beachy Head as it's quite high up and easy to jump from
  18. The way down to Eastbourne
  19. I didn't expect it to be such a large city
    I was temporarily stunned by the sight and confused as to where I was
  20. Apparently Eastbourne is England's sunniest city
    There is lots of beach, oddly segmented
  21. On a train from Eastbourne back to London now - thanks for riding along!