Five of my favorite KPFA Author events

I have the privilege of working at these events and never leave without learning something incredibly real, topical and information not often found from mainstream outlets - this is the tip of the iceberg, visit for more
  1. 1.
    Robert Reich
    What a gifted presenter: captivating an audience with some pretty depressing shit about our capitalist system
  2. 2.
    Vandana Shiva
    I thought I had strong dislike for Monsanto, but then she opened my eyes to how global their reach is...fear and loathing ensued
  3. 3.
    Ta-Nehisi Coates
    Tackling some of the hardest issues our country faces, he didn't shy away from anything and left me feeling confident and hopeful for progress regarding racism - topics that will be clouded over in the coming months with talks of emails and tax returns
  4. 4.
    Amy Goodman
    Superwoman! In my opinion, she is the epitome of free speech in today's media and is preserving the true meaning of journalism
  5. 5.
    Jeremy Scahill
    Another truth-seeker (are you noticing a trend?) reporting on drone warfare, the kill list and so many other topics that are supposed to kept with the wizard behind the curtain