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I'm rewatching The Office for the 3rd time. Updates as I progress through the series.
  1. When Dwight and Michael are throwing a football around...
    And Ryan ends up with the ball and Dwight tackles everyone, including Stanley to get the ball back.
  2. When Dwight gave a Mussolini Speech...
    That Jim gave to him when coaching him in public speaking. Dwight delivered this speech at a banquet honoring his 1st place in company wide sales.
  3. When Dwight Gives Michael his urine...
    Because Michael thinks he has dirty urine for a drug test from smoking pot at an Alicia Keys concert 2 months prior. Dwight then resigns are volunteer sheriff.
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I'm back, but not by popular demand. Simply because I can be. As none of you knew, I was without internet/wifi and data on my phone and in my home for a month, except occasionally at work. Here is a list of things I did without the internet. It's good to be back.
  1. Hike
    I went for a couple hikes actually.. one of them involved climbing and it was a first date so just imagine me full of sweat trying to climb rocks and still look cute. (I didn't. )
  2. Read
    I finished a book for pleasure for the first time since high school.
  3. Slept
    I slept so much you don't understand.
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  1. Rally Squirrel T-Shirts
    Circa. 2011 World Series
  2. Ted Drewes
    It is an STL icon, but frankly it's pretty shitty custard that you have to stand in line forever for in the blistering heat and humidity. Also parking sucks.
  3. STL Rams
    Don't know who they are? It's okay..they are no longer a team.
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In the order in which I saw them.
  1. Sasha Belle
  2. Kim Chi
  3. Trixie Mattel
  1. "You can't use the bathroom at 5am. The old rickety stairs will wake them up, and they will think you a failure for being up at 5am"
  1. The Mindy Project
    In the sense that it doesn't have a cult following like the Office or Parks and Rec. It deserves so much more. Mindy Kaling, a WOC who's body doesn't conform to the deal standards for actresses rocks a powerful attitude. Though she is on an ultimate quest for love, she isn't settling for the first guy who takes her to the Empire State Building @bjnovak, and rightfully so! See also: I watched the entire first season in one sitting today.
  2. Commercial Free Viewing
    We have been spoiled by streaming, netflix, and hulu. When is the last time you watched a movie on television. That additional half hour of commercials is a bitch. Takes you out of the movie universe to try and sell you botox. No thanks. Praise be to commercial free viewing.
  3. Remote Controls
    Seriously. If you're half as lazy as I am, you know how much that remote means to you.
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In order from semi-favorite to favorite.
  1. 5. Scrubs
    Superman - Lazlo Baines
  2. 4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Theme by Jeff Richmond
  3. 3. Daria
    You're Standing On My Neck - Splendora
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  1. Read some books.
    Ayn Rand's Anthem, Sinclair's the Jungle, David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest. I'm a slow reader Infinite Jest might take a bit.
  2. Go to Indianpolos
    For a business meeting, but also for pleasure.
  3. See the Avett Brothers
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  1. Who I Am
    Andy Bernard - Hopeless romantic, try hard, a little too into singing at work, struggling with some anger issues, but deep down just a really genuine person.
  2. Who I Want To Be
    Pam Halpert- Super fun, good mom. Follows her dreams, and overcomes difficult challenges. Really funny and good at goofing off. Knows what to say and when to say it. Married to Jim Halpert.
  3. Who I Am Gonna Be
    Meets the love of her life at an old age, he spoils her rotten and treats her like a queen. She doesn't actually care what other people think because the only opinion she cares about is her husband's and he loves her. Super compassionate. Super bad ass.
  1. So I spent the majority of my spring break in Omaha Nebraska.
    This is about a 4-5 hour drive from where I currently live.
  2. We spend our week doing service around the city and sleeping on the floor of a cathedral basement.
    This shit was so cool. We played the organ and shit. Super dope.
  3. I finally get home after a long week of hardwork and little to no sleep.
    I spent all my time staying up late with my new friend at the time.
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