I have seen this around and I want to be a part of this awesome community.
  1. Hey. I'm Trista.
    That is me on the left.
  2. My name is actually an oxymoron.
    Trista/triste = sad/sadness and my middle name is Joy.
  3. I go to college in the middle of nowhere Missouri.
  4. I really do mean the middle of nowhere.
  5. I study sociology and english.
    I'm a mediocre student at best, just getting a degree to show employers I am capable.
  6. I am a published poet.
    And by published I mean a couple lit mags liked my work and I do DIY publications on campus.
  7. I have a cat. He is my light and life and soul.
  8. I'm from the city of St. Louis, Missouri
  9. This is my favorite cheap wine.
    Seriously. $5.99 and it does the job.
  10. I am a body positivity blogger.
    If you want to link, just ask!
  11. I have dedicated my free time to community service in Alpha Phi Omega and the Boy Scouts of America.
  12. I am victim to the Chaco fad.
    Yes, those are socks. No, I feel no remorse.
  13. My dream job is to work as a Make-a-Wish Coordinator for the foundation.
  14. I was Wednesday Adams for halloween.
  15. I love hiking/camping/living out doors.
    I'm a former residential camp counselor. It was the most transformative experience of my life.