1. Anything with their paws.
    When they put their paws on your hand, or face, or shoulder. Really anywhere is perfect.
  2. That biting thing they do to clean themselves.
    Doesn't that hurt? They looks cute as fuck though.
  3. When they sigh.
    Little cat had a long day and he just wants to relax for once, Barbara. How could you be so insensitive?
  4. Boxes.
    They do the box things.
  5. Talking/screaming/crying
    Whatever it is. The sounds they make are always great. Never disappointed.
  6. Purring in their sleep.
    Baby is so happy to be asleep. Me too, baby.
  7. When they dream their kitty dreams.
    And they are sleeping on you and they wiggle around in their little dream world.