I'm back, but not by popular demand. Simply because I can be. As none of you knew, I was without internet/wifi and data on my phone and in my home for a month, except occasionally at work. Here is a list of things I did without the internet. It's good to be back.
  1. Hike
    I went for a couple hikes actually.. one of them involved climbing and it was a first date so just imagine me full of sweat trying to climb rocks and still look cute. (I didn't. )
  2. Read
    I finished a book for pleasure for the first time since high school.
  3. Slept
    I slept so much you don't understand.
  4. Moved
    I moved into a new house and it was fucking miserable. It's almost been two weeks and I'm still unpacking.
  5. Watched anime with my roommates girlfriend.
    She had it on dvd.
  6. Got really mad and really sad frequently.
  7. Came to terms with my dependency on the internet as my main form of down time and leisure.
  8. Worked
    I also worked every morning at 5am, which explains why I slept so much.