I have a job as a sales rep in midtown Manhattan and Monday to Friday I am walking those streets.
  1. Know where your bathrooms are.
    I am actually right now as I type, and possibly as you read this, in one of my go to bathrooms.
  2. Big chain hotel lobbies are your best friend.
    See #1 for an example why. Also it is the job of the hotel to not turn anyone away for just about any reason.
  3. Know where to get cheep shit.
    Lunch, supplies, or drinks for the end of the day, never the hotel bar, can be outlandishly priced.
  4. Make friends on your normal rout.
    See 3 for benefits. Having your "Cheers" tends to mean you pay less for shit. Also having a place that knows your order is always cool.
  5. Remember where you are.
    Not in the sense of not getting lost. Remember that you are in what many believe to be the greatest city in world. So look up every once in a while and think about that for a second to distract you from all the tourists who don't know any of what I just told you.