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A few thoughts and memories of a good friend who unexpectedly passed away at far too young an age
  1. A dreamer
    Jerry was a dreamer and not in the negative sense. He dreamt big and chased those dreams from a childhood in a smaller Chinese city to an education in Shanghai and a global career already in his young life. He wasn't afraid of new challenges. I think that's what made him so great. He sought happiness and never let fear get in his way. Jerry dreamt big and lived an amazing yet short life. He lived more of his dreams in his time than many do in much longer lives.
  2. An example of selfless service
    Shortly after first meeting Jerry I needed somebody to drive 4 hours round trip to pick me up from the Tulsa airport. Jerry was happy to do so and refused any offer of gas money despite having just bought his first car and gotten his driver's license. Jerry was the kind of guy that would truly do anything for a friend and his definition of a friend was wide and encompassing.
  3. A respecter of all lives
    On our way back, an armadillo ran out in front of us and was killed. In Arkansas, it's very common to see dead raccoons and armadillos throughout the year so my initial reaction was laughter. When I turned to say something about it to Jerry, I could tell he was visibly upset by the death of even such a simple creature. I was taught by example a powerful lesson in the value of each and every life. Something I've often reflected on since this memory with Jerry.
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  1. 1985 Isuzu I-Mark
  2. 1985 Ford Ranger
  3. 1994 Ford Ranger
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  1. I'm a father of three beautiful children with one on the way
  2. I'm a former Mormon
  3. I'm studying for a masters degree in supply chain management
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  1. Being true to myself
  2. Being the best me for my children
  3. Spending time with my family
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Here's a few professional things I'm interested in and know a bit about
  1. Supply Chain Management
    My undergrad is in supply chain management and I'm currently studying at the University of Southern California for my Master's in Global Supply Chain Management
  2. Big Data
  3. Microsoft Excel
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These are the podcasts that have changed me
  1. The History of Rome
    This is probably the most entertaining in depth dive of Rome you'll find! Kept me hooked for 75 hours!
  2. Serial
    The way this story makes me feel is hard to describe but in any case this is an amazingly done podcast. At times I'm like "fuck...this kid got railroaded" and at others "well maybe he did do it..."
  3. Revolutions
    Another amazingly well done podcast made by the guy behind "The History of Rome". A great way to learn about several revolutions that changed the world