1. I'm a father of three beautiful children with one on the way
  2. I'm a former Mormon
  3. I'm studying for a masters degree in supply chain management
  4. I grew up in Utah
  5. I lived in Taiwan as a Mormon missionary for two years where I learned Mandarin Chinese
  6. I spent 3 years in Arkansas working in the Walmart community
  7. I learned Spanish while selling cell phones during college
  8. I've studied French, Italian, and Portugese
  9. I'm the youngest of 7
  10. My mother passed away from cancer when I was 25
  11. I had my colon removed at the age of 29 to prevent colon cancer
  12. I'm still at a higher risk of other cancers so I am always very interested in the progress made in cancer research
  13. I have a French Bulldog named Bruno
  14. I am a wannabe geek who enjoys playing in Excel and dabbling in SQL
  15. I enjoy reading history and economics among other things