10 of my favorite beers

  1. Stone Imperial Russian Stout
    Having drank mostly Natural Light and Miller Lite, this was the first craft beer i tried. It made me say what are those?! And Yes, i will pay $6 for one beer
  2. Societe The Pupil
    Liked it as well or slightly better than Pliney
  3. Lawson's Sip of Sunshine
    My favorite from Vermont
  4. Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout
    Lives up to all the hype
  5. Yellow Springs Barrel Aged Prowler
    From my hometown, and just as good as any. I was glad to be in town and get this limited release
  6. Back East Palate Mallet
  7. The Bruery Grey Monday
  8. Lone Pint Yellow Rose
  9. Three Floyd zombie dust
    Actually, i have liked everything I've had from FFF
  10. Lost Abbey Track 10: Bat Out of Hell
    I like Track 8 also