at least according to me...
  1. Mudshark Lunacy
  2. Wren's House Olmec
  3. Dubina Fall Maple Strong Ale
  4. Arizona Wilderness American Presidential Stout
    Bonus for the bourbon barrel version
  5. Sun Up white russian imperial stout
  6. Arizona Wilderness The Roosevelts
  7. Huss Brewing Koffee Kolsch
  8. Beer Research Institute Dark Side Til I Die
  9. North Mountain Nativity in Black
  10. Fate Candy Bar Stout
  11. Mother Bunch Samoa Stout
  12. Superstition Meadery Blueberry Spaceship
  13. The Perch Rule All the Things
  14. Lumberyard Bear Jaw Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout
  15. Scottsdale Brewing Dant Triple IPA
  16. Cartel Real Vanilla Heat
    I mean, c'mon. I helped brew it and it's named for me. It has to be on this list
  17. Cartel FYITM
  18. Cartel The Twit
  19. Beer Research Institute 480G IPA
  20. Arizona Wilderness Table Top Saison
  21. Huss Snowbird (Rye barrel aged)
  22. Borderlands Noche Dulce
  23. Dragoon Sarcosuchus Double IPA
  24. Sleepy Dog wolfpack double ipa
  25. San Tan Count Hopula