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just my opinion, feel free to let me know yours :) ps. there may be spoilers
  1. 1.
    shut up and dance
    I love this episode, ah the twist so good. so creepy
  2. 2.
    just a beautiful dystopian pastel dream, also for you community fans.... meow meow beans right?
  3. 3.
    dood i can't even deal with normal scary games, I'm such a wuss
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Be merciful, I am no photographer
  1. disneyland paris
    it's seriously just the best place, just try being unhappy there
  2. paris
    generic af photo but still awesome
  3. amsterdam
    I'm gonna live there someday
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sometimes it's better to lie...disclaimer: I really want to watch all of these I just haven't had the time
  1. anchorman
    I know this is supposed to be super funny but I've never watched it so I've spent my life pretending to get your anchorman quotes
  2. fight club
    brad pitt is in it, I'm guessing he fights people club style
  3. pulp fiction
    it looks visually stunning and the poster looks super cute
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like every time
  1. sunrise, norah jones
  2. facing west, the staves
  3. when somebody loved me, sarah mclachlan
    watch the video from toy story 2 for max tears
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  1. amish people
    but fo realsies just imagine being amish, for one you wouldn't be on this app
  2. biggie and tupac (that whole ish)
    its really interesting
  3. cults
    they're super creepy
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  1. community
  2. arrested development
  3. that 70s show
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  1. back to the future
  2. the shawshank redemption
  3. ferris buellers day off
  4. forrest gump
  1. a cupcake
    preferably chocolate
  2. a stunt double
  3. a baby fox
    is there a name for that like a cub or something
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