just my opinion, feel free to let me know yours :) ps. there may be spoilers
  1. shut up and dance
    I love this episode, ah the twist so good. so creepy
  2. nosedive
    just a beautiful dystopian pastel dream, also for you community fans.... meow meow beans right?
  3. playtest
    dood i can't even deal with normal scary games, I'm such a wuss
  4. san junipero
    my heart hurts, also how great is all the clothing in it
  5. fifteen million merits
    my favorite part of this episode is when the main guy sells out, it just really struck a chord with me idk why
  6. white bear
    so confusing the whole way through till the end
  7. entire history of you
    I still haven't decided whether I'd want this technology or not
  8. white christmas
    I'd hate to be blocked
  9. be right back
    first off I'm in love with the ginger guy, also so heartbreaking
  10. men against fire
    idk about this one, I liked the idea but not as good as the other eps
  11. the national anthem
    if you're also from the uk, there's some history between pigs and prime ministers :/ a little too truthful lol
  12. the waldo moment
    fun fact I've met the guy from this episode, he's really nice
  13. hated in the nation
    yeah not a huge fan of this ep, not creepy or dark enough for me. It's more like an episode of a crime show