There's like… a theme. I've been marred to my Great Love for almost 27 years but you never forget your first… anyone you've ever adored from afar.
  1. Rose
    Kindergarten - unrquited
  2. Lindy
    Kindergarten - we took naps together.
  3. Joanne
    Second grade - wrote a play for her. Bought her a ring. She loved another.
  4. Holly
    Fourth and fifth grade - unrequited. She laughed at my jokes.
  5. Beth
    Sixth grade. My first date. Just friends.
  6. Teresa
    Eighth. The older woman. She liked to play with my hair. Unrequited
  7. Paige
    Ninth grade. The younger girl. Unrequited.
  8. Julie
    Tenth grade. She liked how well I listened. Unrequited.
  9. Diane
    Eleventh grade. A girlfriend! I was so clueless.
  10. Larissa
    Twelfth grade. Another torturous love triangle.