💃🏽Why Women Need to Rally Behind Donald J. Trump for POTUS 🇺🇸

The candidate with a real vision for America.
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    He wants women to feel free to be who we truly are, appreciates the feminine mystique and aesthetic.
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    Don't we all crave honesty from men?
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    He lets famous female reporters tug on his hair.
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    Nothing to hide.
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    Any lady, really.
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    So obviously we should trust him with our entire country's safety and future.
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    Or late night talk show host with a penis.
    Look! He doesn't discriminate! I knew it!
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    All female immigrants are up for his potential opportunity marital screening (as long as they aren't Mexican or a practicing Muslim).
    Melania isn't getting any younger, amIright?
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    That's really all you need.
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    Case closed.
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    Also, this randomly selected, smart, business woman endorses him.
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    Trump for prez!
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    Ladies Who Trump Unite!