Requested by Brynelle

Fuck, Marry, Kill: Theon from GoT, Tran from New Girl, Richard from Silicon Valley

Pretty self explanatory list request.
  1. Theon Greyjoy: Fuck
    Killed two innocent farm boys. Has no balls. Has no weiner. Diddled his own sister. Betrayed the Starks. I would choose to kill him but based on the other options I have and the fact that he has no genitalia. I choose fuck merely on the fact that nothing of his can go into me making the whole fucking thing a one way street.
  2. Tran: Marry
    Nick's ethnic conscience. Doesn't speak. Hangs out at the park. Great listener. Easily choose to marry. There would be much peace in this marriage.
  3. Richard: Kill
    One of the biggest pushovers I've ever seen on TV. Couldn't imagine holding a conversation with him about anything other than compression systems. He's a nice guy, just incredibly annoying.