It's hard to be me. Part 1
  1. Tatiana
    Ta-tee-ah-na. Say it like it's spelled. Not Tatania, or Titania, or titiana or titanic or titianium. Come on america you got this.
  2. Three other names
    Celia kennedy Schlossberg
  3. This is hard when you're a reporter and you want to leave a message for someone and people ask you how to spell your name.
    You spell tatiana and then they ask what your last name is and you say Schlossberg and they say "ugh."
  4. Steel-trap memory
    Sounds cool until you can quote unmemorable conversations back to people who you don't know that well and they think you're hitting on them
  5. Inability to not tell people what you remember about them
    Mother's maiden name, year-old tweet, etc
  6. General white privilege
    Right guys?