Have only met a few (through reporting, mostly) but open to meeting more
  1. Steve Boyleston
    I met him covering the 4th of July parade in edgartown, MA. He was walking in the parade alone, wearing what I imagine are everyday clothes for a colonial era man who sometimes fights. His character's name is Richard boylston (no e) and his email address is aaron boyleston. I wrote a story about him and went to his house where he had a table covered with battle axes. He baked me a banana cake and when he emails me, he refers to me as a "Real Life American History major"
  2. Anna Katherine Lippincott
    She was there with her mom for fun, wearing 19th century style clothing, appropriate for someone in the Great Plains. She told me the 19th century was her favorite century and that she liked the homestead law. She donated some of her own stuff to the Almanzo Wilder estate in Malone, NY. Almanzo Wilder was Laura Ingalls Wilder's husband.
  3. Homeschooled kids at Colonial Williamsburg
    They go there every year for a week with their families, and wear their own period-appropriate clothing that they made themselves.
  4. Mike Bartles
    Recent college graduate who was working as a historical interpreter at mystic seaport. He told me he was "one of the idealists who thinks you can make a living in history."
  5. Ryan Beckman
    A female historical reenactor at Old Sturbridge Village who said that slavery just didn't come up at OSV even though it's meant to be 1838