An incomplete list
  1. Outside a nightclub in inwood underneath the elevated train tracks next to a chicken slaughterhouse reporting on a murder
  2. On 34th street and 11th avenue near the on-ramp to the Lincoln tunnel talking to people waiting for Megabus
    Following the Amtrak crash. This is right now.
  3. Knocking on the car windows of people waiting in line for gas on the highway during hurricane sandy in northern New Jersey
  4. Outside the home of an elderly couple where the husband had committed a murder-suicide
  5. Gas stations at night in Paterson, NJ during a rainstorm, asking about higher gas prices
  6. asking people in Times Square if they were cold when it was cold out
  7. Riding the front car of a metronorth train the day after a crash in the front car of a metronorth train at the exact same time
  8. More TK, as we say in the biz.