Aka things that are not natural for most women
  1. girls who eat burgers but are still hot
  2. girls who like beer
    Blue moon
  3. girls who hate drama
  4. girls who like old/dead comedians
    Chris Farley, Mitch hedberg
  5. girls who don't get too dressed up for a concert
    Just like, a flannel and jeans
  6. girls who used to do coke
  7. girls who can pull off a baseball cap
  8. girls who can play aports
  9. girls who love a tribe called quest
  10. girls who drink regular coke
  11. girls who love Boston movies and the dropkick murphys
  12. girls who can get ready in 5 minutes
    and don't wear too much makeup
  13. girls who would never fake an orgasm bc they just always have them
  14. girls who never get cold
  15. girls who can drink as much as the guys
  16. girls who are sluts but no one knows
  17. girls who are spontaneous
  18. girls who hate Valentine's Day but not because they don't have a boyfriend or something but because like whatever