My job is cool. Internet commenters make it less cool.
  1. Killing gonzo journalism
    On a reporter's notebook where I said I hadn't done a lot of drugs before going to Wesleyan to report on an overdose story
  2. Having an ethical problem
    Because I suggested that ulysses s grant wrote that slavery was bad
  3. Writing about Bruce Jenner
    Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I didn't
  4. Being cutesy/like a tabloid
    For using playful sports verbs on
  5. Not knowing proper English
    For making a reference to e. e. cummings' poem, in just. ("puddle-wonderful")
  6. Trying to sabotage relief efforts to Nepal
    For quoting someone who said specific goods (medicine, tents, water, etc) are better than rounding up anything you can find
  7. Having a personal vendetta against Hershey
    For an article I wrote about British chocolate vs. american chocolate