I just started writing the New York Today column for the NYT. It's published at 6am, so there we are.
  1. No one else is up
  2. Lots of people are actually up
    It's New York baby!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. You can hear lots of different kinds of bird calls
    Week 1 and I already know mockingbird season just started
  4. Second (and third) breakfast
  5. You get to take a nap after you're done at like 1 every day if you want
    And no one thinks it's depressing. They're like omg! Go take a nap!!!!
  6. You can go outside during daylight hours and it's not like you're taking too long of a break from work
  7. Meeting friends for lunch
  8. Ps these do not outweigh the giant con of working at 4am
  9. Being hot
    Suggested by @roseschlossberg
  10. Asian markets
    Suggested by @roseschlossberg
  11. Sunrise (suggested by @sally)