A narrative // @roseschlossberg this one's for you
  1. I came home from school in fifth grade, around Halloween time
    This is the year 2000
  2. I saw a little item on the AOL welcome screen inviting users to submit their favorite Halloween recipes
  3. I decided to contribute the following list, a recipe for ladyfingers.
    Keep in mind I am alone for all of this
  4. 1. Stick your fingers up your nose
  5. 2. Stick your fingers up your butt
  6. 3. Cut off your fingers
  7. 4. Put them in the oven
  8. 5. Take them out and sprinkle them with powdered sugar
  9. 6. Serve them to your guests
  10. Then my mom got an email that my account had been suspended
  11. She asked me why
  12. I told her this story
  13. I did not get in trouble
    She thought it was so weird/funny. My mom is cool