I eat yogurt for 1 meal, 1 snack, 1 dessert per day usually
  1. White Mustache yogurt
    The ultimate luxury. Costs like $1000 for a jar but goddamnit it's so good. Sour cherry and Orange blossom+walnut flavors. Run, don't walk, to your nearest overpriced "market"
  2. Brown Cow maple yogurt
    That cream top though. This is a normal yogurt you can buy lots of places.
  3. Fage 0%
    Bc it's good and I'm just as white as the next girl on here.
  4. Victory Garden
    Goat's milk frozen yogurt and regular yogurt on Bleecker. Always want it.
  5. Culture
    Another grossly bougie frozen yogurt and regular yogurt store in Greenwich Village.
  6. Ronnybrook drinkable yogurt
    Chug that blackberry
  7. European Activia
    It's different. Related: I'm an asshole.