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  1. Zack Snyder
    It seems the director is more focused on making pretty looking shots rather than filming a good movie
  2. Speaking of his shots....
    A lot of Snyder's films are filled with gorgeous visuals that look great as a wallpaper but don't actually make sense in context of the story.... Example: the scene with the family on the rooftop of a house in a flooded neighborhood. The lady reaches her hand up to superman who is floating above. Beautiful shot. But why is he just floating there and not saving them in 0.7 seconds like he's able to? Something this trivial doesn't make or break a film, but it's an example of Snyder's focus.
  3. Characterization
    Other than Batman, the major players in this film have unclear or confusing motivations that give the narrative a crutch. Examples below....
  4. Superman
    He's lost a lot of his charm in the last couple of decades. Why is he so gloomy? Saving people seems to be more of a chore than anything to him. At least in the spider-man films we're told by his uncle that "with great power comes great responsibility" line. So we know why he does it. In BvS we have Clark's mother tell him that he never owed the world a thing. So why save it? What compels him to do what needs to be done?
  5. Lex Luthor
    Im not sure if it was the writer, director, or actor who decided to make Lex so over the top and annoying in this film, but it was a bad decision. We're expected to believe that he hates superman simply on the fact that every other version of lex hated superman too. No real reason. And his plan? If Doomsday actually succeeded in killing superman.....then what? He had no control over it (was almost killed by it immediately after he released it)
  6. The conflict
    While Batmans hatred for Superman was believable. Superman was blackmailed into the battle, which already made it a one sided fight. (People don't like when BvS gets compared to civil war, but when they share so many similarities , its hard to keep them apart) In CW, Steve and Tony both stand for something and have two opposing ideas, and the conflict had been growing over the course of the entire MCU. So it was actually believable when it came to fruition.
  7. The Conflict (part 2)
    Superman is blackmailed into fighting Batman....ok sure, I buy it (not really but whatever). How? Lex kidnaps his mom. Throughtout the film we're told that Superman can locate and save Lois at any given time, no matter where she is...but he can't do this with his own mother? Superman tries to tell Batman what's really going on before they start fighting, but when they walk up to each other, he pushes him 40 feet away instead of holding him down and ending it with a single sentence.
  8. The fight
    So after superman finishes being nonchalantly vague at the start, the battle begins.....and it isn't very exciting. There are few cool moments here and there, but not only was it short, the way it ends just might be one of the dumbest things in the whole movie.
  9. Martha
    Yeah, I understand what they were trying to do: Throughout the whole film Batman saw superman as nothing but an alien threat, but after finding out he has an earth mother, he realizes that he's more than that, and doesn't deserve to be put down like a dog blah blah blah. 1) "you're letting him kill Martha" ...the sentence is completely unrealistic, considering no one calls their mother by their first name 2) Superman actually waits until he's seconds away from death to finally say what he
  10. Martha (part 2)
    couldve easily said before they started hurling punches. I understand the point of the scene, I just don't think it was executed well.
  11. The editing
    There aren't very many establishing shots in the movie, and some scenes feel like they're jammed in there, which screws up the pacing and flow (or lack thereof).
  12. Lets be honest...
    This whole movie was made retroactively in response to the backlash received for Man of Steel. People whined and complained about all the destruction in the movies climax, so what does Zack do? He makes the destruction of metropolis the catalyst of the story in this movie. He also made sure to add little lines of dialogue about how an area of land was uninhabited, or how "downtown is nearly empty because the workday is over" (which is bs btw). But go ahead, Zack, right them wrongs.
  13. The future...
    While still cautiously excited for Justice League (mostly because I'm a fan at heart) I'm not sure how I feel about Snyder being the person to shape the start of the DCEU. Only time will tell.