Growing up, I never confidently stomped around telling everyone who will listen, "I'm going to be a (insert job title here) when I grow up!" There are only a few things I remember, and they are these:
  1. Rockstar
    Yep. I wanted to play to sold-out crowds, and slam guitars on the stage....because television told me that's what every successful musician does? Proof that television lies to children.
  2. Nurse
    This was more of what my mom wanted me to be when I grew up, rather than what I wanted to be. She had good intentions, but after her chaperoning a class field trip to a cadaver lab and learning that I don't handle blood, guts, and corpses well....her dream for my life was put in it's grave.
  3. Special Victims Unit Detective
    Two words....Olivia Benson.
  4. Social Worker
    This is actually what's happening. Well, it's what I'm going to school for at least. I hope to finish my BSW and then go back and get my MSW. I'd love to work with survivors of sexual assault, abuse and/or rape, as well as at-risk teens.