2015 was a year full of self-discovery, exploration, eating, & love.
  1. Spraining both ankles after too much sangria in Barcelona
    I fell flat on my face after, shocker, I failed to watch where I was going. I could barely walk the next 4 days we traveled a city known for walking
  2. Drunkenly Facebook messaging my cheating ex-boyfriend articles such as, "to the boy I loved that cheated on me"
    I received a thumbs up as a response & I've never been more mortified. Talk about a failed attempt to express my "heartbreak."
  3. Attempting to speak other languages when visiting bilingual countries
    My German is too aggressive & I mispronounce everything I come across. Stick to hand signals & save yourself the embarrassment.
  4. Exerting time & effort towards people that don't deserve it, including but not limited to shitty boys, friends, organizations, & even some family members
    Some people will never respect you or return the favor, so do not give them the satisfaction of putting forth more effort than it's worth
  5. When traveling do not assume public restrooms are free
    A 2€ there, 5£ it is worth the money, you are not too poor
  7. Hills. Almost as satanic a creation as decaffeinated coffee
    When walking up hills prepare yourself for an asthma attack & a hot flash. When going down do not attempt the wet grassy hill, you will fall & people will photograph your failure & laugh at you.
  8. Sleep whenever & wherever you can
    Do not deny yourself sleep, because yes you can sleep when you're dead, but you can't sleep at the Duomo in Milan or in the McDonald's at the airport. It is necessary do not avoid it.
  9. Drunkenly climbing random tree houses with friends is always a BAD idea
    There won't be a floor & you will fall through & once again your "friends" will laugh at you.
  10. Don't not take pictures & write every chance you get
    Moments pass & as a glorified hoarder you need these things for when you become old & boring.
  11. The car will not let you take the key out if it's not in park.
    The key is not stuck & you should not panic, because you are in reverse not park.
  12. When cooking eggs use oil
    If you don't use oil they will burn & stick to the pan & you know who has to clean that? YOU.
  13. Bartons is ALWAYS A BAD IDEA
  14. Do not focus on boys
    Focus on yourself you are 20 years old & right now they are the bane of your existence.
  15. If late to work bring food & all will be forgiven