Halloween is when I choose to wear my costumes & last minute planning is never my friend
  1. Pop star
    When I was 7 I matched with my sister & we colored our hair orange & it didn't wash out
  2. Greek Goddess
    This was a middle school decision when all of my "friends" were witches without me...I think I was the real winner here
  3. Cowgirl
    Small town in the Midwest...it was going to happen
  4. Emo Chick
    Thought I was a bad a** in Jr.High blaring Taking Back Sunday & The Used from my '04 Jeep Explorer
  5. Bumble Bee
    Freshman year of college post practice, when I was dragged to a baseball house costume party & options were limited....yes there were antennas
  6. Referee
    My somewhat sexy second night out freshman year of college borrowed costume, which gathered some atrocious pick up lines
  7. Tourist
    Sophomore year of college choice, mainly for the Fanny pack
  8. Minnie Mouse
    Best choice by far, cute & more conservative than most, but not too conservative ya know