Our decisions can be quite skeptical at times
  1. The dishes
    Sometimes the apartment smells & we both know why, but do we do them? No we wait until we can't see the counter
  2. Bathroom repair
    I like to take baths & that bathroom is filthy-I blame our 1960's apartment
  3. Use our nice words
    We're extremely hostile towards each other, so much so I'm not sure what real kindness looks like
  4. Random acts of kindness
  5. Buy fatty cheese it's not non fat
  6. Workout/Hulu & Netflix
    Maybe during if that's even an option
  7. Clean out the fridge
    There is stuff in there since August...it's November
  8. Eat out less
    Our pantry is overflowing
  9. Leave a walkway in our room
  10. Eat at the kitchen table like a well-rounded family
  11. Vacuum-I do it she doesn't
  12. Buy a new vacuum Kar's sucks
  13. Shop less or more who knows...
  14. Use the word dramatic LESS