1. Smart is the New Sexy
    You can only bring sexy back! I'm bringing smart back just doesn't sound as good.
  2. #PowerBlonde Workflow
    Yyasssss slaayyyyyy betch! Lots of Beyoncé here (like it's a bad thing??)
  3. Indie Songs for Slackers
    Omg I like Best Coast. Wait, I like My Morning Jacket too. AM I SLACKER!?!
  4. Indie Brunch
    Lots of indie options on Spotify. If you are indie, YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE A BRUNCHER OR A SLACKER!
  5. Love, Sex & Water
    No one has ever played this playlist around me if that tells you anything about my love life or my hydration levels.
  6. Workout Twerkout
    This playlist is three hours and 14 minutes long. I am slightly concerned (and very intrigued) that someone could potentially twerk for so long. I will be your accountability partner if you need help.
  7. Afternoon Teen Hangout
    Should we really glamorizing taking pills in Ibiza and eating cake by the ocean to the teens of Spotify?!?!
  8. Fried Bacon and Black Coffee
    Ok, I'll admit it. This one is mine. It's time to come clean that I am indeed a WTF playlist namer. Like most of you here, I love listing things and creating compilations that encapsulate a mood for me. So you go, Spotify playlist makers! Keep on keeping on. Also this is my Saturday morning breakfast making playlist. And you thought Spotify playlists were granular. Hmu.