Because 10 was just too many.
  1. Avocado toast
    In 2016, it became acceptable for adults to eat baby food-like mashed avocado on bread (and it is so damn good).
  2. Turning your smiling face downward and away from the camera
    Does anyone really think that's an actual fucking candid?
  3. In-N-Out
    You can gauge the temperature of your Double-Double before you finally eat it by counting the number of outtake pictures you have on your iPhone.
  4. Latte art
    Ready for a MoMA opening for this son of a bitch.
  5. The wing of an airplane
    Caption: "Wan•der•lust - noun. A strong desire to travel." We all know you only went to Ft. Lauderdale. 🙄
  6. #IHaveThisThingForFloors
  7. Strategically placed outfit grids
    #OOTD. I don't get it? Folding clothes perfectly outside of that tiny ass suitcase only to have to refold to fit into that tiny ass suitcase?
  8. Birthday shout outs
    HBD to my best friend who I am posting this out of obligation for because I posted one of our other best friend!!!! Love you!!!!!!🎉👑❤️👯
  9. #TBT
    Ok, so you were cute at some point in your life.