1. Dave Franco
    Franco does indeed make his appearances, and every time he does I make sure of it to bump into him. It's come to the point where he stays clear of me by the bar.
  2. The Yoga Persian Lady
    I think her name is Sheima, she always orders a sort of browner looking coffee than I do and she always works on her large MacBook at the bar standing up.
  3. The Stalker Who Looks Like Alex Karpovsky
    This guy sits in the corner of the house and annotates everyone who walks in, in a small black moleskin. He wears white shirts and black pants, sometimes he wears beaded necklaces but he always wears nice dress shoes.
  4. The Cute Lunatic
    Although he is awfully cute, this very young man WALTZES into go get em at strange times of day along with his two tiny, fluffy, adorable dogs. I usually see him there on week nights and Sunday afternoons. He sits right in the entry of the house reading magazines.
  5. The Lumberjack
    Similar to the stalker who looks like Alex Karpovsky, Lumberjack sits in a small corner writing in cursive in a beige book. If I am ever in a seat near him, he constantly looks my way. Creep.
  6. Shilogold Girl from the Library
    Shilogold, I actually know. When I was younger than I already am, I would go into The Library (which was an overpriced store for women) and chat with her. But then she asked me to sponsor her band, so I stopped going there. Now she's back and very much at go get em.
  7. That Guy from Vice
    A while ago, Vice made a video where two strangers use the New York Times 36 questions that lead to love test. In the video this larger man was set up with some twig of woman. I thought he was so charming and sweet in the video. Little did I know I would see him once a week at my coffee shop.