11/09/15 the day I turned 16
  1. A Hotel Morning
    I was able to sleep in on this glorious Monday morning to escape the Monday blues. And when I awoke in my sea of white comforters and white pj set, there was my mother opening the drapes letting all the bright light in. My view of the porch was highlighted by fall leaves and cloudy skies.
  2. Celebratory Walk
    After a delicious breakfast I made my way to my room and danced to some King Krule. Sixteen began giving me its small hiccup of a wave of teenage feelings. Cool. Then Hayley came over to drop off a birthday gift that would hell my musical career.
  3. Linus Cruise
    As usual, on a day off I make my way to go get em tiger. My playlist, set on shuffle, knows what's up. We start off listening to "Your Boyfriend" by Radiator Hospital to emphasise the fall vibes. Then to "Palo Alto" by Dev to just throw in some teen angst. And to finish we hear Jack Kilmer ripping the guitar on "TM", yet another song from the Palo Alto Soundtrack.
  4. Go Get Em Tiger
    Making my way to the counter, I spot my barista. Order my usual and a to go other for lunch: gronola and a waffle. I just realized that I have no way of transporting the food back home and to school. Fuck.
  5. School
    I attended school today at 11 am. Editing my Film/Video project, eating waffles & macaroons, talking about Valtoire and receiving many happy birthdays.
  6. Go Get Em Tiger. Part II
    I came back to gget @4:20, where I ran into many familiar faces. I first saw a young man, who wore a fashionable yellow peacoat with his skateboard and unlit cigarette. It was his birthday as well, so we celebrated w/ a few words. Then Dave Franco ran inside, I tried to bump into him but failed. I then began to converse with Matt, a favourite among baristas, about the boy who published an album entitled "Tula" on my birthday. Then I waited for Kiernan to join me as Campbell hall kids walked by
  7. Go Get Em Tiger. Part III
    Finally Kiernan, arrives. We instantly start to talk about our birthdays and our fellow teenagers. I'll admit, I forgot most of our conversation but I do remember the following: Talking to said "young man w/cigarette", talking about the List App, interrupting an old man's introduction to The Garden (the band) and taking an unattractive selfie on the go get em iPad that made it's way to the lock screen.
  8. Go Get Em Tiger. Part IV (The Instagram )
    I also clearly remember that I checked my insta constantly. I had made it to 1,975 followers. This was drawing my attention far away from Kiernan. So. After posting a sweet sixteen picture on said gram, I deleted the app.........
    My first birthday present from my parents was incredible. Knowing how I am a total artist and art lover, my parents have surprisingly been able to keep up with my "art lingo". In which my father has learned that my second favourite photographer is non other than Canadian artist Petra Collins. My present. Was. A Petra Collins print photograph....to start my own personal, art collection.
  10. Providence, Los Angeles
    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. I would love to go into every detail of the meal and explain my experience of each taste but I cannot. My own words don't solidify the greatness of the meals. So I will quickly quote his highness, Jonathan Gold. "Providence in its quiet way embodies everything a restaurant should aspire to be."
  11. More Gifts?
    Right. So after a despicably expensive dinner, I head to my apartment: AMPLYFAUX. Where I am surprised with two mic stands of my very own and my new fashionable Orange amp! I was excited that I took my blue Stratocaster from the other side of the room, plugged it into the amp, and just started shredding. It felt so goooood. Then inside I was presented with an instax printer and camera! Along with so much fucking film, it's insane.
  12. FIN
    Thus my sixteenth birthday came to an end. With many birthday wishes (and posts) I felt very loved and cared about, which made my day 100x better. Sixteen has been pretty grab so far.