requested by sofia wolfson
  1. her husband is really rad
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    his name is mason. sofia and mason live in a lovely place in silver lake where they preform in small venues. although they legally aren't wed, they been married for 24 years.
  2. she's always down to join me on my adventures
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  3. she's ma muse
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  4. she knew me when I was nothing
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    it was a dark time
  5. she has fantastic taste in men
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    she's a bit of a heartbreaker
  6. she makes everyone laugh
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    this photo was taken when sofia and our pal flynn decided to get ramen and make fun of people behind their backs.
  7. she knows how I feel about boys
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    because they suck
  8. she's also my personal photographer even when she's off the clock
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    her camera roll consists of photo shoots with myself and candids of yours truly
  9. she's so cute!!
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  10. if she breaks your heart this might be you
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