1. Pet Semetary - Stephen King
    This was my first new Stephen King book. When I started reading his books in the 9th grade, I dug through his backlist. This was the first title that I bought new in the bookstore. It still manages to creep me out all these years later.
  2. The Stand - Stephen King
    This one still stands as Kings magnum opus. I've read the original release too many times to count, and the uncut edition a few times.
  3. Glimpses - Lewis Shiner
    I loves this book long before so many elements of it became prophetic for me. If you love music, this is a great book to read!
  4. The Love You Make (Beatles Bio) - Peter Brown
    It was the first Beatles bio I read, and became an indispensable reference for me, before other books usurped the throne.
  5. Lennon - Ray Coleman
    There have been a few editions of this book. I know because I have them all.