My dad was asked to preside over my aunt's wedding so he became a minister of the United Church of Life and after that half hour online class my entire life was changed...
  1. I now predominantly refer to him as "Rev".
    Every time I refer to him as "Rev" I immediately think of Rev from "Remember the Titans" and it makes me happy cause that's just a great movie all around.
  2. I can ask him to give an abridged version of the mass at home on holidays so I don't have to deal with actually going to a church.
    Going to mass on holidays is easily one of the most frustrating things. First you have to get there at least 15 minutes before the mass starts cause if you don't you're gonna get stuck standing in the back for the entire mass. You're also more than likely are gonna have some devout old lady who's like 150 years old but she still knows the mass better than you cause they switched up all the words that you gotta say during thing.
  3. There are discussions of the benefits that spiritual leaders and churches get on a fairly regular basis.
    Churches don't get taxed so if the Rev started his own church he wouldn't have to pay taxes on all the bank rolls he'd be pullin in.
  4. On the topic of money we have the opportunity to open a bar called "Church" so guys can come to the bar without lying to their wives about where they're going. And all the profits that we make wouldn't be taxed.
  5. The Church of the Fonz is a legitimate possibility now.
    "Ayyyyy 👍🏻"