using these buzzwords will really make you seem like you're "with it"
  1. "establishing a hierarchy"
    or if you're critiquing a design, the first thing you should say is that a "hierarchy wasn't established"
  2. "aesthetic"
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    you dont even have to know what this word means, you just have to use it. ex: i like that aesthetic
  3. "serif" and "sans serif"
    serif fonts are the ones you're not allowed to use in the UGA New Media Department because in the future there will only be sans serif fonts.
  4. "social media"
    the website you're designing is really only just a url to place on your social media profile
  5. "iphone app"
    if you dont know what to do with your idea or product just conceptually tie it to an iphone app
  6. "drones"
    are private drones just basically a way to market expensive RC helicopters to wealthy 20 somethings??
  7. "apple watch"
    or alternatively, "new apple watch"
  8. "design thinking"
    when you're designing something for someone, dont ask them questions about the design itself, but rather non-sequiturs such as "if you were a fruit, what would you be?", "favorite fast-casual restaurant", and the most important: "what's your favorite drake song?"
  9. "drake"
    you can have a conversation with any stranger you meet about two things: the weather and drake