Some favorites in my cabinet of curiosities

My kids have affectionately named this cabinet "Daddy's Things". It's where I put my sometimes valuable, sometimes silly, but always special, trinkets, collectibles, and oddities.
  1. Dodger foul ball caught by my grandpa at the Coliseum, 1961
    My grandpa was about 26 years old. My grandma was there and pregnant with my mom. They didn't have Google and apparently didn't know how to spell "coliseum". To be fair, I have trouble with that one too.
  2. One-eyed Willy's treasure
    A prop house had a chest full of these, gave these two to my kids, and said they were used in The Goonies. I promptly confiscated them (for safe keeping).
  3. Red Carpet from the Oscars
    I work across the street from the big show and spotted this little fragment.
  4. Rosary from Pope John Paul II
    When in Rome for school, we had a special private tour of the Vatican, thanks to a classmate who had a brother that worked there. At the end of the tour, he gave us each a rosary and said the Pope blesses the boxes these were in.
  5. Anri bottle topper
    Started collecting these years after my dad stopped collecting them. That's all I ask for Christmas from him now. This is just one example from the collection.
  6. First pipe I made.
    I've made two now, but of course the first one will always be special.
  7. Dodger pin collection
    My grandpa had season tickets to the Dodgers when I was a kid, so I went to a ton of games and was really good at taking care of my pins from the giveaway nights.