Memorable Bad Date #2

  1. Met this girl at the lacrosse house at my college seemed cool
    Yes I was drunk
  2. Asked her on a date to Panera
    Learned my lesson from last time to not go to fancy places
  3. As we stand in line I ask her what she's going to get
    This is where it gets good
  4. She says: "I'm not sure, I think I might go with the 'kwinoa' salad
    It's quinoa. Keen-wah.
  5. I let out a light chuckle and explain her pronunciation error
  6. She proceeds to tell me that I am in fact the incorrect one
  7. I tell her to say it like that to the cashier
    She did, he laughed and corrected her, embarrassment ensues
  8. She chewed with her mouth open at lunch
    Strike 2
  9. Asked me to stop at the pharmacy to seemingly pick up her birth control. On a date.
    Strike 3
  10. After about what felt like 20 minutes of waiting like the good gentleman I am, I drove her back to her dorm never to be seen again
    Goodbye quinoa girl