Smoking jazz cabbage on the roof

Chimney joke omitted
  1. Back in high school there wasn't much to do
    Other than smoke weed
  2. One sunny day after school me and a couple of my ne'er do well friends were looking for a spot to toke
  3. The waterfall is a usual spot
    Nah we go there all the time lets go somewhere different
  4. How bout my roof?
    I say
  5. Yeah let's go to Troy's!
    So we do
  6. We make our way to my house and manage to fit ourselves through the tiny window in my bathroom
    He went out through the bathroom window haha Beatles jokes
  7. We get situated on my roof and begin to toke
  8. Let's listen to come chili peppers!
    So we do, can't hear much else than that
  9. I take my first hit, and look to my left
    There I see my father staring me dead in the eyes
  10. Get down and see me downstairs he says
    He does not condone the devil's lettuce
  11. We make our way downstairs
  12. My dad proceeds to scold me as my friends stand there snickering
  13. As he is scolding he whips out the golden line we remember to this day
  14. "Everything is just a joint and a joke to you isn't it?"
    Holy shit was that funny
  15. After the scolding we explain that I'm my friends' only ride home so he lets me take them back
  16. My family and I leave for Boca Raton the following day to stay for a week with my grandparents
    You can imagine the discomfort between my father and I