A New Kid's Perspective: Thoughts About My First Week on Li.st

Inspired by @andersun
  1. My husband @cory222 (funny and busy guy) and I learned about Li.st on The Daily Show and added it to our phones that night.
    We didn't jump right in right there, but not too long after it.
  2. I wrote my first list a week ago. In case you missed it, which you probably did, here is it. The Weirdest Things I've Seen While People-Watching at Disney World
    I am a funny girl, but the only person on the planet who really knows how funny I am when I'm not in my head is Cory. With everyone else, there is a layer of worry/wonder. Will they get it/like me/think I'm funny? I'm in a 12-step program (list for another day) and so much of my work there has been learning to quiet that voice.
  3. I wrote it after I caught a glimpse of the collection of smarts, talent, and creativity on Li.st. The bar is high.
    I wanted to be impressive—and you can smell that a little on my lists. It's like that moth ball smell in an old house. I don't know how to make it go away. But I love it here, so I'll keep listing.
  4. I felt giddy when someone actually liked it.
  5. The more time I spent reading lists, the more I realized how late I was to the party.
    In discussing this with @andersun on his list What List Means To Me; or, just li.st I compared it to being a new kid who transferred into a high school just after the epic senior class trip. Everyone knows each other and has awesome shared experiences. I show up just in time to hear about how great it was and what I missed.
  6. And we new kids all showed up and changed the vibe for you.
    I know we brought good things, but y'all had a great thing going. So sorry.
  7. But I am also really grateful to have found this amazing group of funny, insightful people.
    People have been welcoming, encouraging, and friendly. @BWN_7 even gave me a nickname! You know you are in when you get a nickname!
  8. I have also realized that I don't get everyone here. And they don't all get me. And that's okay.
  9. I don't expect to be besties in a week. I don't expect you to care what I have to say when you barely know me.
    Some of you have been in each other's lives for months and years. The intimacy and friendship you have happened organically and in real-time. I won't know you as well reading your old lists all at once as you know each other from being supportive as they happened.
  10. I am lucky to have brought a tiny handful of folks with me. Besides Cory, my friend @Amy72014 is HILARIOUS!
    I knew this format would suit her, and boy does it! Check out her trending list (trigger warning: it's a poop story).The Worst Thing That I've Ever Done in a Car
  11. I am trying to not care about being featured or trending with my own lists.
    As @andersun said perfectly, I'm a "grown-ass" woman (he said man, you get it). I like the authenticity of the interactions I've had so far. I am grateful and warmed when people say nice things about personal things. I'll try to be less guarded and smell less desperate for your approval.
  12. And I'll keep listing.