Best Places to Breastfeed at the Magic Kingdom at Disney World

I took my kids when my boy was 2 and my girl was 6 months old to DW without Cory for a few days. I was bold enough to drive them from Iowa to Florida alone and Disney seemed doable. There are always moments of intensity when traveling with babies and toddlers. Knowing where to breastfeed was helpful.
  1. The Carousel of Progress
    It is cold and dark, so much so that you might fall asleep while feeding your kid. It is usually pretty empty if privacy is a big deal for you. If you have a toddler, like I did, it is not the most thrilling of attractions, so that may factor. My son was low-key so this worked for us.
  2. The Haunted Mansion
    Again, cold and dark for the win. My son was too little to find it spooky yet.
  3. It's a Small World
    This doesn't seem like an obvious choice, but my son was so engaged on the ride while I nursed my daughter that it was perfect. Also, everyone is facing forward and looking around so I was not on display. It is about a 10 minute ride which was just a right.
  4. The People Mover
    The doors and walls of the cars are high enough to be discreet. It was breezy and interesting for my toddler and chill and long enough for me.
  5. Other possibilities might include Philharmagic, The Country Bear Jamboree, and the Enchanted Tiki Room.
    They are cool and lengthy enough, but you may be sitting in closer quarters than is comfortable for you and they are a bit brighter. You may be one of those awesome women who can nurse your baby in a sling while you walk around in broad daylight. (Good for you!!!) If you need a little more privacy, the first few options would be great.
  6. Not recommended that might seem similar to others I mentioned: Peter Pan's Flight (short duration), The Little Mermaid ride (close vehicles in bright lights that face each other at times), Winnie the Pooh (it bounces and moves around a lot, though it might work for you. Maybe that's how you always nurse.)
  7. There are child care centers as well. I found them to be busy. My toddler son was happier and more engaged and contained on a ride while I nursed my daughter than in the child care center.
  8. Honorable mention: Behind the crowd as they watch the parade
    I did have an experience with a gawking kid, even though I was the master of discretion. Cory was talking with me and I just started shouting "Turn around and watch the parade! Stop looking at me!" It took my husband a minute to realize I wasn't shouting at him. 😂 See:The Weirdest Things I've Seen While People-Watching at Disney World