Crushes You Won't Find in Teen Beat

Be still my beating heart
  2. The crush started when I was kid. We watched Clue over and over—sometimes while we played Clue.
  3. I got severe bronchitis in college after a horrible break-up and was even kicked out of a class for coughing. Rocky Horror Picture Show was on VH1 every time I turned on the TV.
  5. I fell for him as Porthos the Pirate in The Three Musketeers.
  6. And can you blame me?
  7. I saw Three Musketeers in the theater no less than 8 times. It had Tim Curry, too. *sigh*
    I personally believe that my friend and I were responsible for keeping that movie in the theater in Tallahassee for so long. I regret nothing.
  8. And then Oliver Platt showed up on "The West Wing."😍
    He even put CJ Cregg in her place when she got all cute and quippy with him.
  9. He showed up in "Hope Springs" when I thought I was watching it for my more obvious crush, Colin Firth.
    Sneaky show stealer.
  10. Dreamboats.