"Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" that Lived Up to the Hype

Guy Fieri is an acquired taste and is not the quietest fellow. We have found, in a few cases, that the noise he made about a place was completely warranted. Feel free to add to my list, even if Guy Fieri didn't shout about it.
  1. Cutty's in Boston
    Best sandwich of my life! Get some pickles out of the cooler, too!
  2. Marie's Italian Specialties in Chatham, NJ
    Best macaroni and cheese of my life! (Sorry, Mom.) Yes, that is pancetta on top. The drunk chicken is also pretty awesome. Huge portions.
  3. La Isla Restaurant in Hoboken, NJ
    One of the top 3 Cuban sandwiches of my life. (The best Cuban sandwich is at Fernandez the Bull in Naples, FL! Hands down! Get mariquitas, too.) I ate it too fast to take a picture. I borrowed this one from the Internet.
  4. Don Antonio Pizza by Starita in NYC (midtown)
    This is pretty swanky for a pizza joint. Not what I would call a dive. Yummy pizza with lots of choices and amazing crust. We had a friend visiting and we were more interested in the company and conversation, which is a compliment to our friend, not an insult to the food. I borrowed this one, too.
  5. Fernandez the Bull in Naples, FL
    Guy Fieri hasn't showcased this place to my knowledge (though he SHOULD because then he could taste the best Cuban sandwich ever!). Fantastic and authentic menu of Cuban food. I know the family that owns these restaurants (there were two when we lived there) and they are the real deal. I borrowed this picture, which makes me really hungry.
  6. Lakeview Restaurant in Toronto, ON
    This 24 hour diner is v dear to my heart for nostalgia reasons, but the food and drinks are also 💯. Caesars and mimosas are CHEAP for brunch and there is always a drink special (also milkshakes). Veggie burgers and egg sandwiches are my favourite, but I've also made my way through every (meatless) deep fried item from pickles to mars bars and they stack up.
    Suggested by   @sophiedushko
  7. Slamwich Scratch Kitchen in Madison, NJ. Everything is fantastic but the pastrami comes in slabs, so I'm apt to recommend that.
    Suggested by   @sswyryt